How to find a good tradesperson

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    Hello everyone! 😊

    I hope the week is going well so far?

    The majority of tradespeople are hard-working, reliable and will do a good job, but we’ve all heard of the cowboy horror stories. Let’s help you avoid the bad eggs - we’ll look at tips to find a good tradesperson, as well as questions to ask them and how much they might cost. Keep reading to find out the top tips on how to find a tradesperson you can trust.

    We’ve put together some of our top tips explaining how to find a good tradesman that you can rely on:

    1️⃣ - Ask our helpful trade Community members - When posting a question to the experts, please share images where possible. You can also tag the correct trade category (e.g. electrician or landscaper) which will send the trade a notification and help to get your question answered quicker!
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    to view all of the questions other consumers have asked and you might find the questions have already been answered!

    2️⃣ - Use the 'Request a Quote' feature in the Community - Please try to give as much detail of the job as possible to help the tradespeople understand the work needed.

    3️⃣ - Use the Checkatrade website searches - simply go onto the site, enter the trade you would like to look for, enter your post code and you're away!

    4️⃣ - Check out the member's profile, pictures and feedback - does their profile reflect the kind of work they do? Are there before/during/after photos? What does their feedback say?

    If the job is large and/or is not an emergency call out, before you hire a tradesperson, it’s a good idea to meet with them in person to discuss the work you need them to do. That way you can find out more about their experience and approach to their trade.

    5️⃣ - Always let the member know. If you choose to not go ahead, or you find someone else, please let them know so that they can organise their diaries accordingly

    You could also look to ask them questions about their work and pricing, such as the below:

    - How long have you been working in the business?
    - Can you show me examples of previous work that you have done?
    - Do you offer a customer satisfaction guarantee?
    - How much will it cost and what are the payment terms?
    - What is your availability like?

    Following the above advice will assist with a smooth journey to finding a good tradesperson - be sure to have a read of our other posts for more advice like this!
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    Hi Lauren,
    That is some great advice for customers as there are quite a few trades out there that I wouldn’t want doing work in my house (but none on the Checkatrade website obviously!) Another thing I would recommend is if a customer has lots of jobs that need doing from the same trade just get them to do one or two first to see if their work is up to scratch!
    Hope this helps.
    ​​​​​​​Simm Electrical.
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    I find good quality pictures of my work gives the first impression of what I do and opens the door. Of course they have to be backed up with good customer reviews and feedback. 47 years in my trade is also a bonus and shows a good history of stability and reliability in business. As all my work is bespoke I find the majority of my clients are prepared to wait, but they must be regularly updated and kept in the loop. A good personality, friendliness, sometimes being sympathetic and having good manners also go a long way and shows your client that you are confident in the work you undertake. Workmanship, Timekeeping, Tidiness and Courtesy should be the norm, it shows everything about you and your business. Defuse any possible disagreements or confusion with a detailed (email) paper trail of all financial documents, agreements, changes requested and any general discussions. Always remember they came to you, earn their trust, do what it says on the tin and you can't go wrong. That's when they come back and also sing your praises to others!
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    I forgot to add that on introduction with my clients, particularly when I visit their premises I always produce one of those transparent sleeved folders containing all my certification, insurance documents, memberships, you name it! This is usually over and above what the client expects and goes a long way to showing your professionalism and pride in what you do.
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    Another thing I do not do is give estimates as these are a bit hit and miss and they don't really give reassurance to the consumer and only suggests the price can escalate. Ball park figures are also a no no as you can bet the customer will always say "but you said it will only be that much". I prefer to give good solid quotes, then both parties know exactly where they are. Any changes to the original quote after the project has started are easily dealt with if well documented as proof.
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    Hey @Simm Electrical and @ChelseaDave Thank you so much for sharing your comments and extra advice.

    I agree, it would be good to get a new trade to help complete a couple of jobs first before going in full throttle on a large job - Sometimes you might not get that luxury but at least you have the ability to use their Checkatrade profiles and reviews and guidance!

    Personality and friendliness goes a long way doesn't it Dave. The thing people remember about you is how you make them feel!
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    Hi Lauren, yes a good personality and friendliness does go a long way and sometimes a little cheeky banter also helps to bond you with your clients. I find this particularly true as a Londoner living in the Black Country and working nationwide. All those different accents certainly set us apart, but we are all the same when it comes to the need for a good honest cuppa, the very first thing on the agenda before we even think of lifting a finger and starting work! It is particularly nice when your clients appreciate what you do and treat you with the utmost respect, this is absolutely priceless and makes it all worthwhile! I've also had and felt mutual respect with the many celebrities and public figures I have worked for over the years.
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    👏👏👏👏👏 the more communication with the customer the better