Water dripping through bathroom fan duct

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    Hi all,

    I am a new homeowner and I'm having an issue where water is dripping through my bathroom fan duct into my bathroom. The fan duct goes up into the attic.

    The dripping worsens when a shower is taken.

    I've had a plumber come out who's said there isn't a leak. I've also had a roofer come out to ensure the roof wasn't leaking, so no issues there either.

    Does anyone have any ideas of possible causes (even which specialist could help with this) because as at the moment I am running out of ideas. I believe condensation could be a possibility but as the cost of new insulation would be high I want to rule out any other causes before going down that route.

    Thanks in advance,

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    good evening.
    we own a new build house, which we purchased from new.
    20 years ago!
    my suggestion do the following:

    1. Trace the duct into the loft & see where this exits?
    you may find that it has not been fully installed properly.
    sometimes the roof insulation is done & often covers the end of the pipe?
    its should vent to an outside wall?

    2. Have the duct inspected?
    its standard practice nowadays to use insulated duct! This reduced condensation within the extraction pipe.

    3. check the air flow being removed ?

    4. check the manufacturers recommended position of the extraction unit

    5. check that there are no breaks in the extraction pipe (connections come undone)

    ​​​​​​​keep me posted
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    I think you are right and it is condensation! This sounds like something as simple as the accumulation of water caused by the steam created when showering. Steam meeting cold air will turn to water droplets and in your case these are taking the course of least resistance, vertically straight down! I think wall fans are much better, particularly as the hole lining tube can be sloped slightly outwards.