Gate Ideas: Swing into action with these inspiring designs!

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    If you’re looking for gate ideas, you’re spoiled for choice. With so many designs and makes on the market, knowing which one to choose feels overwhelming.

    Some popular options include:

    - Wooden gates
    - Electric gates
    - Sliding gates
    - Double or single gates
    - Swing gates

    And within those categories, there are various styles, shapes and materials to choose from. With all this choice, it’s hard to know where to start. So, we’ve put together our top 6 gate ideas and trends to help you make the right choice when it comes to entering and exiting your home. So if you’re looking for side gate ideas or front gate ideas, read on!

    Garden fence and gate ideas If you’re looking for a gate that matches your garden fence, then a classicly framed swing gate works wonders.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We love how it matches the fence and border posts, making this gate a lovely addition to this homeowner’s garden. Not only does it prove that simple doesn’t have to be boring, but it also creates a rustic aesthetic that works perfectly with the hedges and perennials that border the fence.

    What also works here is the arch of the gate topped by the pergola structure, which adds sturdiness and style to this classic design. If you’d like more help choosing the perfect garden layout, then why not hire an exterior designer? Click here to find one on Checkatrade!

    Gate ideas for driveways A classic wooden gate works for all seasons and styles. This design is no exception.

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    The manual double gate design allows both light and heavy traffic through this tarmacked driveway, which avoids you having to open both sides to get home.

    Finished with a cherry preservative and framed by black metal casing, this fence blends in nicely with the mosaic red-bricked pillars that border it.

    Front gate ideas This stately gate design is an elegant example of how to include practically and style to your front garden.

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    Not only is the black iron wrought work understated yet striking, but it also has two separate entrances to allow foot traffic and vehicle traffic. This saves on electricity for the larger gate and also makes it more secure.

    Of course, not all of us are blessed with a boulevard leading up to our house, but properties with a driveway can still benefit from a similar design to allow two modes of entry.

    Another feature we enjoyed with the pike railings of this fence. As there’s a low wall that keeps it all together, the security comes from the spikes. You’d have to be very brave and assured to climb over this design!

    Wooden gate design ideas Take a leaf out of suburbia’s book and inject some two-toned fencing into your life.

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    This sliding gate design utilises both the warmth of wood and the neutrality of limestone to create this clean and natural gate and fence combo.

    Choosing two complementary yet contrasting materials: one for your boundary posts and one for your gate is an easy way to create character and interest without overpowering your front garden.

    As this design is particularly robust and safety-orientated, consider something similar if you want an attractive yet practical gate.

    Back gate ideas Why not take a step back in time with this classical wrought iron gate design?

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    We adore this double door swing gate that opens into a sanctuary of soft green grass. The concrete border posts that hold this design up are needed (as iron is a heavy material), so keep that in mind if you want to recreate this look. As you can see here, the concrete is buried in the hedges so it’s not an eyesore.

    Aside from the beauty of the woven ironwork, the handles on both doors of the gate, which make opening and closing this entranceway a novelty, is a lovely feature. And we especially like the bordering hedges that add to the curiosity of what’s beyond this whimsical gate.

    Small garden gate ideas There is so much to love about this gate and fence design.

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    Firstly, it’ll make any Engish garden connoisseur proud, with the gorgeous mix of flowering pansies and petunias bringing the pergola roof and flowerbeds to life.

    Secondly, the white lattice framework with perennial climbers creates a natural border that hides the garden it protects from view.

    And lastly, the swing gate itself is dipped at the top to work seamlessly with the arch of the supporting structure. It’s also mounted higher than usual to allow for the stone steps that lead into the garden beyond.

    Does anyone have any plans to do any of the above? Or any other ideas that they would like to share? Photos always welcome too!

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