How to start taking card payments

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    Payment by card has been around for years, but Covid has made more businesses go cashless that once upon a time would just take cash payments or BACS. Ben Dyer from our partner Powered Now spoke about how your trade business can take card payments on our blog. It’s well worth the read if you’re interested to know more.

    How to start taking card payments
    Normally you would need to go away and find a card payment system to start taking card payments.

    Luckily for you, our partners Powered Now have actually made it possible for tradespeople to take card payments through their software. Even better, as a Checkatrade member, you get money off Powered Now!

    Being a Checkatrade member means you save time, effort and money.

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    If you’re not a member:
    - If you haven’t already – apply to be a Checkatrade member.
    - After you’re checked by Checkatrade and (hopefully) pass all our checks, you will be a member and will qualify for an exclusive 30% off the work management app, Powered Now.
    - Once you’re a Powered Now user you can work with their customer support team to set you and your team up with a Sum Up card reader.
    - When your Sum Up card reader is up and running you can then link it to your Powered Now to manage everything in one place.

    For any more information around taking card payments, check out our blog at
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