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    Hi all,

    I was hoping for some advice really.

    I recently had some work done in my kitchen, integrating a washing machine and a fridge freezer.

    the work was completed yesterday however when I returned home to check the work (my partner was at home as i was at work) I have noticed that the fridge freezer hasnít been attached properly and both doors open at the same time?! Further to this the fridge freezer itself has been sat so high up that my partner canít reach the top of the fridge.

    Tbe washing machine was integrated okay but you can see below the handle the kitchen fitter has drilled an unnecessary hole and makes the door look poorly finished.

    I sourced all the cupboard doors, plinths and housing myself as we wanted to match what we already had but now theyíre damaged Iím not sure how I can resolve this.

    I have contacted the company this morning to report my dissatisfaction but havenít received a reply.

    A bit stuck on what to do next, not very savvy in the DIY world so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.
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    The company has to come out and fix their problems that are stressing there costumer if not the costumer can call or write to trading standards and report them but if the company comes out and rectify the issue everyone happy
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    Looking at the pictures,in my opinion it looks like you have the wrong size doors as the top door over hangs the bottom freezer door which means you wouldnít be able to open the freezer unless both doors open. The hole by the handle isnít acceptable but they might have a reason it had to be moved.
    you need to see what the companyís reply is first .
    ​​​​​​​hope this helps
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    Thanks Sean, I dont think the pictures show very well. The reason they are overhanging like this is because the fridge freezer itself is set too high up off the floor (you can see in the first picture), if the base the fridge freezer is sat on wasnít as high up, the doors would align perfectly, I canít understand why itís been sat so high.