How to get customers to leave you reviews

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    Hey everyone,

    Reviews are crucial for your business. They're often the key in making any homeowner go from a potential customer to a paying one. Here are the best ways to get your customers to leave you a glowing review.

    How to encourage reviews:
    First, do a great job - this goes without saying, as I know you're all great.
    Consumers who enjoy the experience working with you, are chuffed with the end result, and have grown to like you or your team will be happy to leave a positive review.
    Second, provide the best possible customer experience Here’s a reminder of the top tips for keeping your customers happy:
    • Don’t leave your customers in the dark – keep them updated on how the job is going.
    • Respect your client’s home – keep your workspace tidy, leave the area spotless and make sure everything is put back where it should be.
    • With their permission, take before and after videos or photos of your work to really show your customer the difference you’ve made. It can go a long way when trying to impress them.
    • Don’t cut corners – you don’t want to let a customer down with sloppy work. Always communicate with customers in a polite and friendly way.
    • Make sure you’re on hand to answer any of their questions before, during and after the job.
    • Don’t forget the aftercare advice – it’s a good idea to give maintenance tips and check in with the customer after the work is complete.

    By providing the best possible experience, your customers will want to leave you a review, rather than feeling compelled to leave one just because you’ve asked them to. That’s the position you want them to be in.

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    Clever ways to ask customers for a review:
    - Before you start any work, keep Checkatrade on their mind
    - Leave them your Checkatrade review card
    - Send your customer a final email to sign-off and mention the review
    - Did a customer tell you in person or via text the love what you did? This is the perfect time to ask them to leave you a review again
    - Include a link in all your invoices as a reminder to leave a review

    What to do if you asked for a review but they haven't left one?
    - Follow up a couple of weeks down the line
    - Let the Checkatrade App nudge them by using the 'Remind your customer' tool

    After you get the review it's a brilliant time to shout about the amazing feedback -
    ✅ If you have a website make sure to link your Checkatrade profile to show your customer ratings and other brilliant reviews.
    Post your review
    ✅ Post your review on social media. You could even ask the customer to share the review on their own profiles, stories and pages
    ✅ Signoff in email with a review snippet of your Checkatrade ratings or a couple of best reviews.

    How do you politely ask a customer to leave a review? We recommend you leave every customer the Checkatrade review card to complete a review at their earliest convenience. It’s essential to get the timing right. Ask for a review soon after you’ve completed a job if the customer seems happy with your work. Requesting feedback while you’re still on the job can come across as pushy and make a client more reluctant.

    Where do I find my unique URL? When you receive your Checkatrade review cards your unique URL is clearly shown on the reverse of the card.

    Why are reviews so important? People listen to other people. If someone else says you’re great, then other people who read that will want some of the action. It’s a marketing technique called social proofing. Your online reviews are a record of your outstanding service and work quality. They are a great opportunity to attract new potential customers.

    You can check out the full article here on our Advice Centre

    What are your best ways in asking customers to leave you a review?

    Kindest regards
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    Sometimes getting feedback/reviews is not as simple as this! I have worked for people who do not want to divulge personal information, so they have no intention of leaving feedback/reviews. And then there are those who can't be bothered, those who forget and those who are unable to! There is also a fine line on when you have to stop requesting feedback before you are considered a nuisance and have to give up. As I've mentioned before all my work is bespoke and can take between 1-3 months (occasionally more) to complete, so in my case this can account for a very low feedback/review count, whereas somebody else can amass feedback/reviews on a daily basis by just doing simple menial jobs such as fitting pre-made off-the-shelf products i.e. hang a door, fit some skirting etc. Therefore I believe feedback/reviews in many cases have absolutely no baring on how good somebody is and proves very little! It is also very true not to believe everything you see or hear!
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    I’ve had 5 customers trying to leave me reviews and it’s crashed on the last page for all of them. I can’t keep asking them to try again
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    I�ve had 5 customers trying to leave me reviews and it�s crashed on the last page for all of them. I can�t keep asking them to try again
    Hi @justin dee

    How frustrating! Thank you for raising this - I will flag this with the team right away

    I will let you know once I hear back
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    Keep some paper copies of feedback form if cat crashes fill out paper version