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One of the best ways to grow your business is by diversifying the skill set of you and your employees, allowing you to take on more jobs and increase revenue. In this blog, we have a look at some of the best training courses available for heating installers, locksmiths, mechanics and more…

Renewables training for heating installers
The best course of action for heating installers looking to get ahead is to focus on renewable technologies and heat pumps. A recent survey by BSRIA found that around 22,000 heat pumps were installed in the UK in 2017. The number represents a year-on-year increase of around 18% and comes after five years of market decline. The uptake is in no small part down to the renewal of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which will now run until 2021.

The RHI provides financial support to homeowners who operate renewable heating systems. Therefore, there’s now a real financial incentive for heating installers to become confident fitting such units. If you want to become more knowledgeable about fitting renewable heating systems or learn how to correctly install heat pumps, there are a number of training courses that you should consider pursuing. Some of the best courses are as follows:

NICEICE – Heat Pumps
The course has been designed for Heating and Plumbing engineers to provide the necessary skills for the design, installation, testing, commissioning, handover, servicing and fault finding of ground and air source heat pump systems.

Logic4Training – Heat Pump Courses
The course has been designed for experienced heating installers who wish to fit heat pumps in domestic and small commercial properties.

GTEC – Combined Heat Pump Installation Course
The course is designed to provide level three qualification and covers both air to water and ground to water heat pump technologies. The course also provides detailed theory and practical knowledge.

Electric Charger training for electricians
It’s a staggering rise, but sales of pure electric cars in the UK rose by 158% in July compared to July 2018. It means that almost 71% more electric cars have been sold so far in 2019 than at the same point last year. The trend shows no sign of stopping, with the government fully behind promoting electric vehicles. A number of recent policy announcements show how committed the government is, including a £400m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF) that will increase the number of charging points throughout the country.

Given the rise, electricians looking to take on more work should look to get training around the installation of domestic electric vehicle charging points. Fortunately, there are a number of relevant courses on offer through some of the nation’s leading training providers. Some of the best are:

TradeSkills4U – Electric Car / Vehicle Charging Point Installers Course
The course has been designed to cover all the key skills to install, fault find, inspect and test electric vehicle charging points.

NICEIC – Electric Vehicle Charging Course
This course teaches you how to install electrical vehicle charging points in compliance with BS 7671, the Electrical Safety Quality and Continuity Regulations and the new IET Code of Practice.

Proactive Technical Training – Electrical Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation
The qualification aims to provide expert guidance to learners wanting to gain knowledge and understanding on Electric Vehicle charging equipment installation.

Access control training for locksmiths
With lock systems becoming ‘smarter’ and access control systems more popular than ever, locksmiths looking to add an extra string to their bow might find training in this area hugely profitable decision. Widening your skill set and accepting access control work will help you to further grow your business and take on more work. If you’re looking to get ahead of the crowd, consider booking onto:

MPL Locksmith Training – Access Control Course
The course works through every aspect of access control right from basic standalone applications through to Net2 High Security solutions and advanced access control solutions.

North West Security Systems – Access Control for Commercial Properties and Residential Buildings
This course helps you to increase security and improve safety with effective and affordable access control.

Master Locksmiths Association – Advanced Locksmith Course
Perfect for locksmiths looking to add more to their skillset and begin practicing as a locksmith at a higher level.

Spray paint training for painters & decorators
Unlike other sectors, the painting and decorating market looks largely similar to what it did a decade ago. However, there has been one particular change that has made a big difference. The rise of electric paint sprayers now mean that decorators can apply paint over a large area. The tool helps to finish painting projects faster and far more efficiently, however, it’s important to understand how to properly use the tool before offering the service. Fortunately, there are now a number of spraying courses that will show you how to use spraying technologies to expand your business:

PaintTech Training Academy – Introduction to Spraying***LINK NOT WORKING***
This course is great for those new to spraying & those who spray already, it is airless training on walls and ceilings.

Dulux Academy – Spray Introduction
The course helps to develop an understanding of setting up of spray machines, including suitable tips and maintenance.

Hi-Tec Spray – Airless Spray Painting Equipment
Through both the practical and theory element of the course, paint sprayers will improve both their competence and confidence in spray painting.

Chainsaw training
Even if you use them day after day, there is still something to be gained from undertaking power tool training. There are a number of general power tool courses on offer, but to get the best return on your investment you should look for a course that teaches you a new skill. For example, learning the skills needed to use and successfully maintain a chainsaw can help you to take on more jobs. There are a number of chainsaw training courses available:

Makita – Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting
The course will cover preventative maintenance that is carried out daily or at regular intervals by the operator.

Kingswood Training – Chainsaw Maintenance & Felling Small Trees
The course allows successful candidates to fell trees commercially up to 380mm diameter.

TKF Training – Ground Based Chainsaw Operator
This course is for anyone who is required to operate chainsaws for cross cutting and felling small trees.

Electric car training for mechanics
Much like electricians, mechanics looking to use training to take on more business should focus on developing knowledge about electric cars. A recently published study from the Institute of the Motor Industry found that almost 97% of active mechanics aren’t qualified to work on electric cars. Even within that 3%, the vast majority work at manufacturer dealerships. With such little competition, it’s clear that most mechanics would stand to make more money if they trained around electric vehicles. Some of the best courses on offer to mechanics are:

The IMI – Electric Vehicle eLearning Course
The package is divided into eight modules, each focusing on different elements and learning levels of Electric Vehicle.

Premier MOT – Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
This is a 2-day course that is designed to offer experienced technicians all aspects of hybrid and electric vehicle systems from operations to diagnostics, including safe working practices when servicing and repairing.

Basement conversion training for builders
With the UK’s property prices having soared over the last few years, it is no surprise to see that more homeowners are staying put and extending their homes to create more space. However, most homeowners usually convert upwards and outwards, but with older properties that feature a basement, there is an opportunity for builders to discuss the possibility of converting these spaces with a customer. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on digging down, we’ve found a few training courses that may help you:

Basement Waterproofing Association – Training Course
This structural waterproofing course is a 3-day event and is normally held twice a year. It covers the basic principles of structural waterproofing, surveying, measurements and quotations, as well as the principles of cavity drain systems.

Safeguard – Basement Conversion Course
This practical hands-on training course explains how to convert an existing basement to BS 8102. It looks at the types of waterproofing system available, their advantages and disadvantages and how to choose the most suitable for a given situation.

Artificial grass installations for landscapers
Maintaining a lawn so it looks a lush, healthy green all year round can be difficult task for a lot of people – especially those with limited free time. Therefore, a lot of people are now turning to artificial grass as a solution to their lawn woes – and it’s not hard to understand why; it saves countless hours and money, in terms of upkeep and it will always look great. If you fancy getting your fingers not quite so green, here are a couple of artificial grass installation courses that may help you:

iGrass® – learn to install like a professional
On this course, you will learn how to measure an area; how to plan and install; how to load, move and handle grass; what equipment to use; how to prepare a base; the fitting and seaming of grass; the cutting-in of the grass, including around challenging objects and, how to finish the installation with a sand infill.

Talasey – Installation of artificial grass for domestic applications***LINK TO SITE SHOWING COMEBACK IN 2022***
This course helps you to develop the necessary skills to install artificial grass safely and correctly to specifications, tolerances and guidelines, as advised by the industry and manufacturers.

Please let us know if you have completed any of these courses - we love to hear feedback and it may inspire others!

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