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    Hello and welcome to our Ask A Trade board!

    This is the place where homeowners can get the answers to their questions from tradespeople that are a cut above the rest.

    Whether you’re looking for advice with your renovation ideas or you need help in fixing a DIY nightmare, then our members are just a message away.

    Keep reading to see how Ask a Trade works for both homeowners posting questions and our members answering questions.

    How it works for homeowners asking a question

    Consumers: Click here to read Before looking to post your question, if possible, take some pictures. This will give our members more to go on when they come to answer your question. It will increase the chance of getting an answer to your question.

    Then, when you're ready to post, here's how to do it:
    • Please tag the correct trade category - if you're question is on something to do with your garden, please tag the category gardener. This will then notify all our gardeners that you've asked a question. It will help to get you a quicker response!

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Click image for larger version. 

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    • Once you’ve picked your category, make sure to add a clear title to your post and provide as much context as possible in text, alongside your images if you have them.
      When you’re happy, hit ‘Post’. If you’re nervous about how it’ll look, then by all means ‘Preview’ before you hit ‘Post’.
      Once posted, sit back and wait for our members to answer you.

    After a hopefully not so long wait, the answers will start rolling in and you can review them.
    • If you get the answer you've been looking for, please do mark it as the 'Best Answer'

    If you have further questions:
    • Maybe there’s an answer you like from a member but you have a few more questions lined up. Easy, you can tag them and ask more by '@' with their username. This will notify them and get you a quicker response again.
    • Check out the member’s Checkatrade profile by clicking on their picture, view profile and you'll find their company name to search on Checkatrade.com.
    • Feel free to give me a direct message if you have any questions.

    How it works for Checkatrade members answering questions:

    Trades: Click here to read
    How this will work best:
    • First off, make sure that you’re following the trade categories that you’re expert in. That way you’ll receive a notification when a new tagged question comes in and you can be the first to answer it!
    • You want to give as much detail as possible, being the most helpful answer might help to turn heads your way, and possible help you to win more work!
    • Our advice when answering is not to just say, “Give me a call,” followed by your number – this looks like you aren’t willing to spend the time to explain the answer you have and it’ll be removed as its not helpful to other people looking on.
    • You can share pictures too with the person asking the question if it’ll make your answer clearer.

    Many thanks,
    Lauren 😊
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    Hi when a new member joins community can you please tell us there trade
    ​​​​​​​any help for new starters on ct membership
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    Hey @Ajw thank you for your suggestion - where would you like to see it? I'm curious how you would like to be told or where you think it should be displayed - I can then share this with the team

  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    It is after there name April the 4th you had a new member join Sean welcomed him ask what trade no reply?
  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    Lauren every time I try and make a discussion you do not have permission to start a new tag pony trap sick and tired of having to do it four or five times
  • Lauren's Avatar
    Community Manager
    Hey @Ajw - What no way? If it's ok I'll give you a quick call today as this shouldn't be happening