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Hey everyone,

We were delighted to get in touch with Mark, Checkatrade member, and brilliant Community Member @S4G Drone Services, to share his journey as a Checkatrade Member.

Tell us about you and your business.
We’re a fully qualified and insured drone company that specialises in BIM, inspections, surveys, 3D modelling and reports. The information we capture is provided to give customers, surveyors and building managers a unique view of their building project. This means they can make critical decisions to maintain, repair or make changes to buildings. And in the process, it can save them time and money, and even reduce health and safety risks.

Have you had any other success with Checkatrade?
I did have some success experimenting with my profile once I was set up. I decided to open up the search to the wider world on Checkatrade. My company’s name isn’t very well known yet, so I knew it was unlikely that someone would find my business in Checkatrade by searching our name. Within a week or so of changing my categories, I suddenly got 5 enquiries – some were a ‘goer’ some not. I replied to all of them regardless and advised of alternatives if they weren’t services we could offer e.g. providing a RICs Surveyor report, I referred them to a surveyor I know. Some of them did turn into work, which is great. The paid-for option has already covered itself 5x over. Worthwhile in my view!

What made you stay with Checkatrade?
Value for money, the ‘Checkatrade Family’, and the whole team’s great support, especially the Membership Team.

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