Hey everyone,

As the weather's getting warmer and being outside is more desirable, I wanted to share some outdoor flooring ideas that are budget-friendly if you're looking to transform your garden space ready for the summer.

Artificial grass and stone paving blocks:
A wonderful modern combination of artificial grass and paving stones create a blend of textures and break up areas. It gives an illusion that the space is larger and you can get stones and pebbles for a very good price!
Artificial grass is utterly perfect for those that love the idea of a perfect looking lawn but without the upkeep! It's easy, cheap to install and looks great all year round. No brainer for me...

Terracotta tiles:
A timeless, Spanish, Mediterranean look and feel will not only look unreal, they're built to last and are slightly cheaper than their ceramic counterparts.
Matched with tiled and terracotta pots with vibrant flowers and you've got yourself a cheap perfect little garden

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What's your favourite style of garden?