Tips on how to save money on fuel

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    Hey everyone,

    In this current climate, with fuel prices still sky-high, I thought I'd highlight an article and a partnership that we have with Wex, to help try to save you money.

    We've teamed up with WEX Europe Services to negotiate competitive fuel prices exclusive to our members. In the last year, Checkatrade members have saved on average 5p per litre ✔

    What is the best way for your business to save money on fuel?
    1️⃣ Avoid filling up at motorway service stations, you will always pay a premium.

    2️⃣ Download an app, such as Esso's E-Route, to help plan your journey and identify fuel stations on your route.

    3️⃣ Our top tip: get a fuel card. When you refuel, use a fuel card to enjoy money off the pump. Did you know you get a free Esso fuel card with your Checkatrade membership?

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    Does vehicle maintenance affect fuel efficiency?
    • Tyre pressure
    • General maintenance like oil and services
    • High quality fuel from major networks
    • Vehicle load - the lighter the better

    All take part and help in increasing fuel efficiency, meaning you get more miles per gallon - it's also better for the engine of course

    👉 Click here to read the full article including FAQs on our advice centre.

    Do you have any other ways to help save on fuel?

    I always have a glance at the prices of diesel before I pull into a fuel station - I also hate to run my car to empty... as soon as that lights on I'm looking for stations 😅

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    I have a eco mode on the van which I’ve switched on.
    also I’m driving more sensible through the gears and not braking so late which does help.