Where to start or which order is needed to get the work done on a new property?

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    I'm house-hunting - just viewed a nice house, nice plot, structurally sound, but thanks to the former tenants, it needs stuff doing before it's habitable. For instance...
    • replacing old carpets
    • replacing some door frames and skirting boards
    • some replastering (there's lots of black mould - from condensation, I think)
    • redecorating throughout, stripping wallpaper
    • replacing the flat roof on the utility room
    • new bathroom
    • maybe new floorboards in the WC (just guessing from the unspeakable stink)

    So I have really basic questions as I'm completely new to this. How would I get all this done? Would I hire one person who'd be able to sort it all out, or would I need to work out who was needed and when? How long would it take? How much of a nightmare would it be?

    If you can give me an overview, or a link to a helpful article, that would be brilliant.
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    Hey @Hilary

    Thank you for posting and welcome to the Checkatrade Community 😊

    I am nearly in the exact same boat as you! I've recently brought my first property which is a flat that needs some serious cosmetic improvements. I'm

    I actually shared a post on Tuesday just gone on - How to Plan a House Renovation and we have other blog articles like the House Renovation Checklist

    But you're in the best place and the right place to ask for advice from the experts now!

    I've tagged a couple of trade categories for you to notify some Community members of your recent question.

    But as for what I am doing, currently, I'm just getting quotes for an idea of budget and completely stripping it out with a lick of white paint everywhere so it's a completely blank canvas.

    It's tough as you've only viewed but did you manage to get many or any pictures?

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    Yes, we have pictures, and so does the estate agent's listing. But what needs dealing with before anyone could live there is the smell! I actually couldn't spend long in there, and the estate agent, who'd been round once to take photos, wouldn't go back in.

    I didn't know whether this would count as 'renovation' since there's no big structural anything as far as we know. Lots of black mould, but from condensation rather than leaks apart from that one very small flat roof. But is the smell in the floorboards and walls as well as the carpets, I wonder...?

    Good luck with your flat! Are you getting quotes from one firm that would do everything, or finding you need to manage the different components separately yourself?
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    Use Checkatrade I always believe in not being a jack of all trades but master of one
    employ The right person for each job check reviews etc
    so you have know broken down your job


    first remove carpets after wall paper removal
    then call in different trades if unsure employ a project manager to run it for you
    replace the flat roof don’t repair
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    I would like to do this work can u pls contact me ASAP thank u
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    Hi Fabian,

    I haven't actually bought the house yet but I'll keep you in mind if I do!
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    07466353762 Fabian