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    I've been in the trade for over 14years as a carpenter and have gone off on my own making a Carpentry and Construction business

    I have my first big extension to price and being as its my first one I'm abit worried if I miss something out or under price the job.

    Anyone on here use a online service that prices approved architect drawings? If so what company would you recommend

    Any feedback would be massively helpful
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    If this is something you can't do yourself i.e. break down all the materials needed and the costs I would suggest you approach a Quantity Surveyor who will do this from the Architects Drawings. Obviously as a Carpenter you will need associated trades such as a bricklayer, plumber, electrician etc to be involved, so you could piece it together yourself by getting individual quotes for each process and adding them to your own. Not that I get involved myself with building work but I believe there are books available to help with this sort of thing so check this out or simply approach an experienced builder for advice. Always remember if you are running the show to manage the job in an organised manner as delays cost money, particularly if you hold up a trade!
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    I normally find on line pricing is just price getting and normally waste of time
    ​​​​​​​I always try and do site visit
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    I would also recommend a site visit with all trades needed and get a price from each. You would then need to add your coat of management for them and add a little extra for any unforeseen circumstances. The last thing you want to do on your first one it to be out of pocket and better to lose the work by being too expensive as it is a learning experience at the start.
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