How to treat a tradesperson - Homeowner etiquette guide

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    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, you might be wondering why such a post is needed but the relationship between you and a professional trade completing work on your home should be somewhat harmonious!

    This guide is purely to help you to create the best working relationship possible so we've reached out to our lovely tradesperople to ask what their most common pet peeves are and how they'd like to be treated:

    Clear the project area
    Not only can this limit potential damage but it'll save some time.
    Avoiding prised possessions teetered on the edge of windowsills or stopping airborne dust from settling on your rugs while drilling hole is almost impossible.
    You can protect your valuables by covering things you don't want to get dirty yet don't or cant be moved.

    Think of your tradespeople no differently as a guest in your home
    They're only human - be welcoming. A freindly greet goes a long way.
    You could offer refreshments. Most customers offer their tradespeople a hot or cold drink and/or let them know where the facilities are. Check out this article here on The trades most likely to be offered a cuppa >>
    Food is the universal language of appreciation, so at least offering to feed your tradesperson is a kind gesture. - I personally love chocolate digestives but I'm not fussy when it comes to biscuits.

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    ​​​​​​​Check the work after the project is completed
    Having someone constantly looking over your shoulder whilst you work can make you nervous. If you've likely checked their work history and seen their brilliant reviews and previous work images, so you know they're good at what they do. A casual check-in is absolutely fine or you can always check on their progress once they're finished for the day to raise any concerns or queries you have then.

    Don't haggle on the costs after the work is complete
    This was something that came up multiple times when asking the members.
    The price of the job is something that should be agreed upon before the work starts - being paid on time is the most respectful way to treat your tradesperson too.
    Honouring the agreement and price set is best - provided they've completed all the work that's agreed to be done. Communication with the trade is imperative.
    Did you know we have a Checkatrade guarantee that protects you in instances where work hasn't been carried out to the correct quality, which is just one of the reasons our consumers and tradespeople trust us.
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    Absolutely perfect just one mor tweak always remember when you play with a tradesperson diary you are probably going to cost them money so having a job booked and changing dates to suit your self or renegotiate your price after work done or half way through
    I left a job last year over the homeowner agreed start date and changed it ok for the first two but the third time redline
    congratulations to all involved