Our new TV ad is a hit with homeowners!

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    Hey everyone,

    It’s important for us to spread the word about why homeowners should use Checkatrade – and, most importantly, to show off how great our members are!

    You’ve probably spotted Caesar popping up on television networks such as ITV, Channel 4, Dave, and on demand networks like ITV Hub, All 4, and Sky - reaching an estimated 67% of homeowners at least 6 times.

    Over the course of April, we ran our all-new Caesar campaign across TV, Video on Demand and Radio, and we’ll be continuing throughout May.

    To kick off the campaign, we premiered a new 30-second advert and a punchy 10-second cut featuring Caesar, Brutus, and Stylax. The ads capture our members giving Caesar’s home a makeover fit for an Emperor, whilst he proudly shows off the top-notch results and highlights that we’re so confident in the quality of our members that we guarantee their work!

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    On the radio, Caesar has been opening up about his trust issues and why he now only trusts Checkatrade. Caesar has also been reminding listeners that 8 out of 10 homeowners would choose a tradesperson endorsed by Checkatrade over one that isn’t endorsed, because they know that the work will be fit for an emperor! Both ads have featured on stations such as Absolute Radio, Heart, and Magic, our radio activity has reached approximately 58% of homeowners at least 8 times.

    The campaign is having a positive effect, with 45% of homeowners already recognising our new TV ad after just two weeks on air. We’re also successfully raising awareness of our new guarantee, as homeowners who recognise the ad are almost three times more likely to be aware of the offering than those who don’t.

    Check out the new TV adverts here >>
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    Hi @Lauren Aren't these stats rather all about and self satisfying for Checkatrade so that they can revel in their own glory? How does Checkatrade know how the general public feels about Checkatrade and where are the stats proving this, plus how do you get them? We all see plenty of ads on TV and this is usually the ideal time to make a cuppa or go for a pee. Or perhaps answering the door for a Checkatrade survey! I forgot to add, when I've mentioned being a Checkatrade member to some people I have noticed the odd frown now and then, but I'm not too sure about the percentage, perhaps I could make this up!
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    @ChelseaDave good point I also wondered how they get the stats.
    the last sentence did make me chuckle 😆
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    @Sean @ChelseaDave
    Hey both, I hope you had nice weekends.

    So the reach and frequency figures are from our media agency, they keep track of that for us, and then the stats in the last paragraph are from Deep Blue Thinking (from a nationally representative UK sample)
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    Good morning @Lauren yes but these stats are only proof of how Checkatrade has pushed their adverts into the homes of the general public and are far removed from making it an actual 'Hit' as claimed. How would you know unless you went door to door? As far as being recognised is concerned this is only because it is so annoying! It may be a triumph for Checkatrade but unless there is a noticeable upturn in leads for members it is all pretty meaningless. These are the stats that need to be seen! And don’t forget MyBuilder, Trust a Trader and the others are all doing exactly the same thing.
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