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    Hello all!

    Predicting what your customers want and when they want it can feel like a guessing game. Is there even a way to cleverly plan the right time to promote your services and take full advantage? In this monthly feature, we use our historical search data to give you invaluable insight into what improvements and repairs could be popular with homeowners.

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    ⬇Popular projects in May⬇

    • Builder- 174k monthly searches
    • Roofer - 137k monthly searches
    • Plumber - 129k monthly searches
    • Electrician - 110k monthly searches
    • Painter and Decorator- 103k monthly searches
    • Gardener - 84k monthly searches

    Note: these are average searches during the month of May over the past few years.

    There are plenty of other projects becoming popular and on the rise for homeowners searching for a trade in the following categories:
    • Grass cutting
    • Air conditioning
    • Home automation/media

    ➑ Click here to view the full article in more detail>> β¬…

    Want to know what previous months looked like? ⬇ πŸ‘‡

    April 2023
    Welcoming a cold start to Spring, April's Trade business insights are here!

    Homeowners are traditionally spring-cleaning at this time of year, but does the data back this up? We delve into our homeowner search data to find out what trades and which projects could be in high demand this April.

    ⬇Popular projects in April⬇

    • Builder- 64k monthly searches
    • Roofer - 130k monthly searches
    • Plumber - 143k monthly searches
    • Electrician - 125k monthly searches
    • Painter and Decorator- 97k monthly searches
    • Gardener - 62k monthly searches

    Note: these are average searches during the month of April over the past few years.
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    There are plenty of other projects becoming popular and on the rise for homeowners searching for a trade in the following categories:
    • Curtains, blinds and shutters
    • Drains and sewer clearance
    • Glass specialists
    • Cleaning services

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    March 2023 Hi everyone,

    February is done, completed and over with - it's time for March! 🌻

    ⬇Popular projects in March⬇

    • Builder- 180k monthly searches (+ 75% on the previous quarter)
    • Roofer - 174k monthly searches (+ 40% on the previous quarter)
    • Plumber - 153k monthly searches (+ 75% on the previous quarter)
    • Electrician - 145k monthly searches (+ 19% on the previous quarter)
    • Painter and Decorator- 9k monthly searches (+ 94% on the previous quarter)

    Note: these are average searches during the month of March over the past few years.

    Spring is fast approaching and for those working outdoors, the turn of the season will no doubt be most welcome πŸ‘‹β„πŸŒ¦

    There are plenty of other projects becoming popular and on the rise for homeowners searching for a trade in the following categories:
    • Grass cutting
    • Solar panel installation
    • Air conditioning repair
    • Driveway cleaning and patio cleaning
    • Artificial grass services and much more

    How to use this data to your advantage:
    1. Log in to your Checkatrade profile
    2. Optimise your profile for search
    3. Create a strong profile

    If you want to receive more leads, contact our membership advisors to flex up your membership. You can flex back down when you need to.

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    February 2023
    Hello all,

    January was a longggg month right!?

    Anyway we've used this time to crunch some numbers and have made our predictions for what trade or projects might be on the rise in Feb'23

    The reason we create these articles is to help you understand historically, and seasonally, what trades or jobs homeowners might be searching for. Data is taken from two key places - Our website and Google!

    ⬇Popular projects in February⬇

    • Builder- 289k monthly searches
    • Joinery - 27.5k monthly searches
    • Tarmac driveways - 12.9k monthly searches (up 88%)
    • Property maintenance/repair - 9k monthly searches (up 18%)

    Note: these are average searches during the month of February over the past few years.

    There are other types of jobs such as Window tinting and Piling that have increased in searches during February so please check out the full article here

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    January 2023 Hello all!

    Happy New Year, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!? πŸŽ†

    We're πŸ”™ with a new edition of Trade Business insights and our predictions for January'23 based on Checkatrade and external search data! βœ”

    ⬇Popular projects in January⬇

    • Carpenter - joinery - 23k monthly searches (up 39%)
    • Plasterer - plastering - 17k monthly searches (up 49%)
    • Double glazing - replacement/installation - 12k monthly searches (up 59%)
    • Kitchens - 9k monthly searches (up 55%)
    • Kitchen worktops - 2k monthly searches (up 63%)

    Note: these are average searches during the month of January over the past few years.

    Click here to find out what tips and tricks you can use to make the most of this predicted increase in demand.

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    December 2022
    Hey everyone,

    Pinch, punch first of the month - and the Christmas countdown!

    Winter is upon us and it's time delve into our historical search data for the last time in 2022.

    Below you'll find what projects could be in higher demans and what homeowners might likely be searching for...

    ⬇Popular projects in December⬇

    • Builder - 103.8k monthly searches
    • Extensions/conversions - 13k monthly searches (up 17%)
    • Drain/sewer clearance - blocked drains - 5.1k monthly searches(up 15%)
    • Electrician - electric cookers - 4k monthly searches

    Note: these are average searches during the month of December over the past few years.

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    ➑ Click here to view the article sharing what projects could see an increase in demand for December and how to use our demand data to your competitive advantage!

    November 2022
    Hey all,

    The insights of the second to last month of 2022 is here- November 😱

    Did someone say.... πŸŽ„β˜ƒβ„πŸŽβ‰

    ⬇Popular projects in November ⬇
    • Loft & roof insulation - 10.8k monthly searches**
    • Cavity wall insulation - 7.3k monthly searches (up 17%)**
    • Roofer - chimneys - 6.2k monthly searches* (up 13%)
    • Electrician - electric cookers - 4k monthly searches* (up 15%)

    Note: these are average searches during the month of November over the past few years.

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    ➑ Click here to view the article sharing what projects could see an increase in demand for November and how to use our demand data to your competitive advantage!
    October 2022
    Hello everyone.

    October is here and so are the crisp mornings! We're on our sixth edition of business insights now, I hope that you are enjoying them so far?

    ⬇Popular projects in October are ⬇
    • Plastering - 68k monthly searches* (up 20%)
    • Carpenter - joinery 22k monthly searches*
    • Cleaning services - dry cleaning - 1k monthly searches* (up 10%)
    • Chimney sweep - 13k monthly searches* (up 100%)

    These are average searches throughout the month of October over the past couple of years. If your business provides any of the services listed above, please contact the membership advice team for more information on our flexible membership options can help you to cash in on this increased demand.

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    ➑ Click here to view the article sharing what projects could see an increase in demand for October and how to use our demand data to your competitive advantage!

    September 2022
    Hello all,

    September is here, meaning we're on our fifth edition of business insights!

    Autumn is on the horizon, kids are going back to school and we're about to give you a heads up on which trades and what projects could be in high demand this month, whilst letting you know how to use this information to your advantage...

    Which trades could see an uplift in homeowner demand?
    ⬇Popular projects in September ⬇
    • Boiler repairs/servicing - 47k monthly searches*
    • Carpenter - 22k monthly searches*
    • Plastering - 17k monthly searches*
    • Insulation- 2.2k monthly searches* (up 28%)
    • Chimney sweep - 10k monthly searches* (up 84%)

    These are average searches throughout the month of September over the past couple of years. If your business provides any of the services listed above, please contact the membership advice team for more information on our flexible membership options can help you to cash in on this increased demand.

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    Some other popular projects:

    Alarms/security (fire extinguishers) – up 50%** and Electrician (electric stoves) – up 40%**
    September sees a fresh intake of students across the country, which could explain the increased demand for annual fire extinguisher servicing, and for electricians to install and service electric stoves, often popular in uni accommodation.

    If you’re a Checkatrade member and you offer either of these services, make sure your profile page includes specific information about this.

    For example, if you service electric stoves, be sure to reference β€˜electric stoves’ on your profile page to help capture this search traffic. Reviews from satisfied customers will also help to give your profile a boost.

    Insulation – up 28%**
    Historically, the average increase in search volume (month-on-month) for insulation at this time of year is 28%.

    But with fuel prices rocketing, we anticipate that even greater numbers of homeowners will be looking for ways to insulate their homes to reduce heat loss and lower their heating bills.

    If you work in this field, use your Checkatrade profile to make sure your profile description clearly explains the service you offer.

    Include photos to showcase your work, and reviews to social proof your business. Read our tips to help get more enquiries from your Checkatrade profile.

    Interior designer – up 19%**
    The weather is beginning to cool now and we're all retreating back indoors. Homeowners are considering ways to inject some hygge into their interior space. With the help of an interior designer of course.

    If you offer interior design services, make sure you have a wonderful profile page to show all your fantastic work and ideas to create a beautiful space!
    August 2022
    Hey everyone,

    It's our fourth business insights post... August's insights, here we go!

    Which trades could see an uplift in homeowner demand?
    ⬇Popular projects in August ⬇
    • Carpenter - 27k monthly searches*
    • Kitchens - 8k monthly searches*
    • Garage Doors - 7.6k monthly searches* (up 8%)
    • Chimneys - 6k monthly searches* (up 15%)

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    β˜€ Landscaped play areas - up 48%**
    Homeowners are looking for ways to maximise their enjoyment in their gardens during these warmer months, with spending plenty more time outside, it's no surprise that landscaping services will be in high demand!

    β˜€ Tiling (Mosaic tiles) - up 25%**
    Our very own Caesar would be delighted to hear this! These tiles make a wonderful addition to outdoor spaces, from tiling floors, walls and flower pots, mosaic tiles can bring so much character and brighten up any garden!

    β˜€ Carpets/flooring - up 23%**
    Carpet tiles make an inexpensive flooring solution that's super easy to maintain - they've very popular for landlords needing to refresh rental properties. There is so many choices with vinyl and laminate too now these days

    β˜€ Chimneys - up 15%**
    The best time to get your chimney cleaned is during the warmer months between spring and late summer before you need to light the fireplace when the weather turns cold. Review your Checkatrade profile now to make sure it’s looking its best. This will help you to stand out in the Checkatrade search results when customers look for your services. You get out what you put in, so use this opportunity to do a bit of maintenance on your profile page to really entice people in.
    We have plenty of tips for how to get more enquiries with your Checkatrade profile here.

    β˜€ Builder (Treehouses) up 14%**

    July 2022 July's insights are in! Here we'll share which trades and projects homeowners could be looking for in July, and hoe to use this information to your competitive advantage.

    ⬇Popular projects in July ⬇
    • Carpenter - 26k Monthly searches*
    • Plasterer - 20k monthly searches*
    • Pest/Vermin Control & Wasp Nest Removal - 18k monthly searches*
    • Kitchens - 8.5k searches*
    • Swimming Pools - increased by 31% month-on-month*

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    🌻 Wasp nest removal - up 118%
    In June and July, wasp nests reach their peak and by this point, the nest will have grown in size significantly. This is the kind of problem homeowners won't want to tackle themselves, which is good news for our pest/vermin control companies!

    🌻 Swimming Pools - up 31%
    Now it's a real shame for me personally as I live in a block of flats so the closest I get to a swimming pool is a bath, but as the warmer weather descends, homeowners want their home swimming pools ready for action.
    Searches for swimming pool installation, maintenance, cleaning, and repair increased from June to July '21, and we expect no difference this year.

    🌻Golf/Bowls Greens - up 15%
    Here's one you may have guessed to be fair.
    Last year, homeowners were busy contacting members who could make their dream of a putting green at home a reality. If you supply or maintain turn for golf or bowls greens then this could be a great month for you.

    🌻 Plastering - up 80%
    Plasterers were seriously in demand last year as homeowners searched high and low for this specialist skill as Covid kick-started plenty of home renovation projects!

    June 2022 Hey everyone,

    We're onto our second month of sharing what trades and projects are likely to see an increase in demand in June allowing you to plan ahead and prepare for the resourcing you'll need - Check out our business insight below πŸ‘

    Based on data from homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website, between May'21 and June'21, we predict the following trades could experience an increase in demand of their services in June'22

    ⬇Popular projects in June ⬇
    • Carpenter - 30.5k Monthly searches*
    • TV/ aerials/satellite services - 5.6k monthly searches*
    • Painter/decorator - 4.8k monthly searches*
    • Curtains/blinds/shutter services - 2.1 searches*
    • Upholstery services - 1.2k searches*

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    🌻 Upholstery repair - up 43%
    Spring time seems to be the time that homeowners spruce up their interior, which includes some TLC for upholstery. Furniture repair restorations is becoming more and more popular due to its 'green' benefits. Breathing new life into existing pieces is much more environmentally friendly than sending worn items to landfill. With Instagram and TikTok inspirational home DIY'ing at an all time high, everyone's giving it a go.

    🌻 Wallpapering - up 36%
    Did you know that the best times of year to sell a property is late spring, early summer? It's also the time people are making plans to host them summer barbecues and dinner parties. There's no surprise for the increase of demand for consumers searching for painters and decorators to help smarten the place up a bit.

    🌻 Window locks - up 27%
    Home security is always going to be hot on the agenda for homeowners, but the increase in demand at this time of year suggests to us that homeowners want to tackle that window lock in need of repair now the weather is warming up.
    And with summer holidays planned, homeowners are searching for your services to make sure their property is fully secure before they go away.

    🌻 TV repair - up 23%
    Tis the season for hosting - family and social occasions, major sporting events, the TV needs to be in good working order of course! The demand for TV repair rose by 23% month-on-month between May and June last year, which is encouraging for both TV aerial/satellite services and the environment!

    🌻 Awnings and garden canopies - up 10%
    If you own an awning or garden canopy business, now's the time to ramp up your marketing to maximise the increase in demand - since the weather's soon to get dryer, warmer, brighter, consumers are searching for the perfect sunlight shield

    May 2022 Hey everyone,

    Based on data from homeowner searches on the Checkatrade website, we can get an idea of what projects homeowners want to complete across different months of the year.

    Knowing this information can help you to plan your resourcing, as well as any promotional activities that can help get your business seen to benefit from the potential upturn in enquiries.

    πŸ‘‰This information is based on historical data and is not a guarantee that these trades will get more work.
    • Carpentry
    • Builder
    • Gardener
    • Roofer
    • Cleaner

    Almost all of these trades rely on the weather, so as we’re now in spring and heading towards summer, homeowners are looking to spruce up their homes and gardens. 🌞

    If you’re in one of these trades, make sure that your Checkatrade profile is up to date, and don’t forget to upload any photos of your work.

    ⬇Popular projects in May ⬇
    • Carpentry & Joinery - 40 monthly searches*
    • Extensions & Conversions - 30 monthly searches*
    • Garden Maintenace - 20k monthly searches*
    • Dormer/Roof Windows - 2k monthly searches*

    Name:  What-Homeowners-Want-in-May.jpg
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    🌻 Carpentry and Joinery project
    From built-in storage inside the home and bespoke furniture to installing a pergola in the garden.
    With many people also moving house in the warmer months, now is the perfect time for homeowners to start work on their property!

    🌻 Extensions and Conversions
    The better weather also sees an increased demand for building projects such as extensions and conversions, always. From garage conversions, garden rooms, extending and enlarging the kitchen, and living room with the new bifold doors looking out onto the garden 😍
    A large proportion of people are still remaining to work from home permanently, so you could expect to see more people extending or converting part of their home to include an office, or maybe even a home gym!

    🌻 Garden Maintenance
    It's that time of year again, gardens, BBQs, hosting get-togethers, are you ready?
    Over the past 2 years, homeowners found themselves spending a lot more time in their gardens, giving themselves a chance to pick at what they'd like to update and change in preparation to get it fully 'summer ready'.
    You can definitely expect to see more enquiries for regular garden tidying and maintenance work, to full-blown garden clearances.

    🌻 Dormer or Roof Windows
    These have both remained popular projects, but as we head towards summer thick and fast, homeowners are reminded that they can increase the amount of light in their homes and make the most of the beautiful, lighter evenings with a dormer extension or skylight. If you offer these services, now is the time to highlight this and share pictures on your profile!

    Based on historical search information we can assume that the following services and trades could see an increase in demand. But by knowing what homeowners want, how much can we estimate this demand to increase in the previous month?

    The demand for Gardeners sees the biggest increase at over 50%**, with a specific need for gardeners with expertise in working with Japanese knotweed. The requirement for garden maintenance has previously increased by over 20%**.
    Roofers who can install dormer and roof windows could expect to see an increase in enquiries by approximately 30%**.
    Cleaning services also see an increase in popularity, with an approximate increase of 20%**.

    Did you know that you have access to a completely flexible membership?
    From month to month you can control and switch your level of membership to suit your business needs and customer demand.
    If you haven't heard about a flexible membership yet, don't worry, there's no pressure whatsoever to switch. If you're interested in finding out more, then click here to view our guide to flexible Checkatrade Membership

    Now is also the time and the chance to start pushing real good content on your social media and websites! Share your latest jobs and pictures, upload stories and videos providing helpful and easy tips.
    Give it all a revamp! πŸ’«
    If you haven't looked at your website in a while, this is definitely overdue.

    *Search data for trade categories on checkatrade.com in May 2021
    **Increase in searches for May 2021 vs April 2021
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  • S4G Drone Services's Avatar
    Level 15
    Great insights @Lauren and really worth noting.

    I’ve also seen an uplift in people at β€˜pre-purchase’ stage asking for roof inspections (as surveyors/home pack often doesn’t include &/or is very basic), as well as new home owners asking us to check their roofs to consider repairs or replacement and things like gutter clearing.

    lots of opportunities to collaborate with roofers, 𝙂π™ͺπ™©π™©π™šπ™§π™žπ™£π™œ clearance Co.s etc……
  • Lauren's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @S4G Drone Services

    Awesome to hear this Mark! Does surveyors/home packs/estate agents/solicitors educate or suggest to buyers about these kinds of services do you know?

    I brought a flat so that's covered by service charge/ground rent and isn't something I would need but I'm curious to hear if people buying properties these days are aware of these kinds of services instead?
  • S4G Drone Services's Avatar
    Level 15
    It’s a bit of a mixed bag really. Most of the sectors you mention don’t know about these services/choose not to get involved and leave it up to the home buyer to source.

    Home buyers are starting to get more savvy and we’re getting an increased number of requests from them.

    Property Managers (like your flats) are increasingly calling us to check areas when there’s a problem or if they have >30% flat roof (as insurance companies need a Condition Survey Report to continue insuring the premises).

    Our website goes live v.soon prob next week and I’ve written blogs about this kind of thing. So we’ll be sharing those via social media channels.

    Have a fab weekend!
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    Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that I've updated this post to June's insights now 🀩

    You can click on 'May 2022' at the bottom of the post to find the May's trade business post

    Many thanks
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    July insights are in! Please see top of the post -let me know in the comments here what you think and predict this month
  • S4G Drone Services's Avatar
    Level 15
    Hard for me to predict well (as not areas that I am involved in directly), that said as people pull in their belts due to inflation etc. I guess home owners will focus on 'repairs' rather than 'new' items, less home-moving and more home upgrades etc. If not this quarter (which is going to be dominated by Summer Holidays) then next quarter when the heating goes on.

    I for one can't get my head around Unleaded now hitting Β£2.00 / litre in London where I am!!!
  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 20
    What is the insight for painting work
  • Lauren's Avatar
    Community Manager
    @Ajw Let me find that our for you Jason :)
  • Lauren's Avatar
    Community Manager

    For a Painter and Decorator in November, we've previously seen a small decline when comparing consumer searches to October. But, the number of searches is still looking pretty good. On average, we see over 95k searches for a Painter and Decorator for Novembers in previous years.