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    Hey everyone,

    We've recently developed a new feature within the Checkatrade Trade App to switch your availability for work on and off.

    What does this mean?
    For those tradespeople who are busier than ever and unable to take on additional work you can turn the toggle off. Once this toggle is turned off it means that your profile will be hidden from the search results, allowing you to crack on with your busy diaries, funneling the calls to members who are less busy and able to take the work on.
    With one click of a button... aka toggle, you can easily switch back to 'available for work' making you instantly visible in the searches again!

    If you have the toggle off for a long period of time, you will be notified via a push notification of this just in case you needed that little reminder to switch the toggle back to available again.

    You will find this feature in your Trade App within the 'My profile' section
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    Download the app on iOS >>

    Download the app on Google Play >>

    All my best
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    Hi @Lauren Whether I am busy or not I am very capable of controlling workflow myself, as I’m sure all members are, therefore I believe this feature is a waste of time! If I was a full member I would be worried that I am not visible at all times particularly as it could give the impression that I am no longer in business. Also, if I decided to become invisible for a while are my monthly membership fees reduced accordingly during this period, otherwise this feature is of no benefit to me and it would make sense to just carry on as normal. I realise that it is to spread work around, but we are talking business and self preservation, so it is not our problem, it is Checkatrade’s! I’m not trying to be negative, but what I have pointed out seems pretty obvious!
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    I personally would never turn it off as you never know a good job could come in which the customer is prepared to wait. Also I never decline a job as I always believe it pays to message the customer especially if no one else bothers.
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    Morning @Sean I can only agree. Obviously I’m looking at it from the perspective of a full Checkatrade member but this is exactly the same throughout all advertising. No one can afford to take their eye off the ball regardless of how busy they are. The whole point of advertising is to give yourself maximum exposure at all times and it can take time to establish a presence, after doing this why would you chose to jeopardise your business. As you mentioned, just like myself many customers are prepared to wait within reason! Checkatrade this is a very bad idea which I would be very surprised if anyone took up, just don’t make it compulsory at your own peril!