What are my legal rights when erecting a fence if the adjoining neighbour is opposed?

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    I was just looking to get some advice regarding a fence I'm looking to get built. I'm essentially looking to have a fence built between my neighbours driveway and mine, there currently isn't a fence there but I'm looking to separate the two driveways. I've basically had a bit of a falling out with my neighbour so I'm a bit concerned they might object to this, if my neighbour has the boundary which the fence should run along does this mean it can't be built?

    I would appreciate any advice, thanks in advance!
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  • lowcost maintenance's Avatar
    Hi,As long as the fence is on you property,your neighbour cannot object,or stop it,
    Last I heard,you can build a 3ft fence at the front,6ft on the sides,and 8ft at the bottom....
    Hope this helps...billy
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    Hi @DeanT as a rule of thumb each household is responsible for the left hand side border of their property. You also have to look at your deeds as this may stimulate that the frontages have to remain open meaning no walls or fences. This usually depends on the age of the property. Obviously as you live immediately next door to your neighbour with adjoining drives you want some harmony and not to fall out, so the best way is to discuss the pros and cons with them and come to some compromise otherwise it just becomes an ongoing feud!
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    Put It on your property then no problem
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    @Ajw Iím afraid things are not always as simple as that, if it is not allowed planning will simply tell you to tear it down! If you contest it could be very expensive. Best to reason with the neighbour.