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Our partners, Powered Now have explained to us how businesses can typically save two days a month on them dreaded admin tasks, why this sort of saving is possible for you and just how the app achieves these savings alongside other benefits.

First things first - Easing the paperwork burden
It's fair to say that trade businesses have been slow to adopt computer systems. That's maybe because the apps that were previously available weren't too much help, they were almost unsuitable for someone who wasn't office based, which of course, for trades, was a massive issue.

The great news is that this has all changed. Today, smartphones are more powerful and cheaper than conventional computers. Even better, they are nearly always online while you're out and about. They are much easier to use, so everyone can get to grips with them if they try.

What happened with Zoom during the pandemic shows how quickly people can pick up new technology. Many became prolific app users through this time from Zoom, online shopping and the NHS app!

Much less time doing paperwork

There is the comfortability of sticking to what you know... that running a business using a system will be more difficult. But alas - modern systems have many features, benefits and trips to minimise the need to type things using a keyboard, alongside other time-saving features - like voice-to-text. Most new smartphones support this feature!
If you have the customers contact details, number or email saved in your contacts, a good app will copy the information for you when creating a quote or an invoice.
When you send a quote, you should be told when the customer opens it and told again when they accept it online. From there you should be able to raise a purchase order on your supplier with just one click.
Finally, the supplier invoice can be created very easily straight from the purchase order and invoicing from the quote.. with just one more click.
Your system should know who owes you money and help to chase it automatically. The end customer will be able to click on their invoice to pay online by card.

Other brilliant features
Running your team
: You'll have the ability to track holidays, sickness. You'll need to keep paperwork related to their employment
Increasing business
: A great system will send reminders out to your customers to say that they might want an appliance servicing again or that another landlord gas safety certificate is required. It'll remind people that they must have the regular service to maintain warranty coverage. There are other ways that more business can be encouraged, and this should happen automatically.
Saving your evenings
: Trade businesses using company's system, Powered Now, say that on average they save 4 hours a week! That's half a day probably spent doing your least favourite thing, paperwork.

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