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  • winnie's Avatar
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    I need to buy a new electric cooker as mine is now obsolete and I cannot get a new oven door. I have tried several retailers but they won't install a new cooker as our kitchen has wallpaper behind the cooker and also above as we don't have a extractor hood. I now gather the area above the cooker is classed as the 'hot zone' but I wondered does the 'hot zone' also include the part of the wall behind the cooker.
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  • Ajw's Avatar
    Level 14
    I would say yes remove wallpaper also if electric hob don’t forget isolation switch to oven and hob correct me if I am wrong
  • ChelseaDave's Avatar
    Level 20
    Hi @winnie definitely remove the wallpaper, this is a fire hazard and shouldn’t be there anyway. Once removed fit some ceramic tiles or a wall panel that is made for this purpose. Ends of worktops touching the cooker should also have metal end caps. Remember there are health and safety regulations to adhere to and you do not want to compromise your home insurance through negligence! I commend the installers for having common sense and not just taking the money. Doing it right is paramount to keeping yourself and others safe.