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    I had a question about a roof vent. In my 1930s build property I have a roof vent on a pitched roof. (Shown at the end of this post). I had some building work done and had a bathroom extractor installed but the builders did not extract it out of the wall instead they positioned it on the bathroom ceiling ran a flexi pipe into the loft and out of the vent. It appears to be much warmer in the loft now and upon reading, I believe they have done a cowboy job as they forgot to wire for the extractor in the wall hence they’ve vented the extractor fan through the roof vent.

    my question really is, is this okay or should I be calling them back to change the location of the extractor in the bathroom so that the vent in the loft remains uncovered to let the roof ‘breathe’?

    any help would be massively appreciated! Thank you.

    (Apologies I do not know how to rotate the image)
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    Normally bathroom extraction is done to the soffit with pipe run to exterior vent so no moisture from bathroom in the loft space someone correct me if I am wrong and ways of extraction ventilation changed