How do you switch off from work and de stress?

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    How do trades switch off from work
    ​​​​​​​tips for trades on beating the stress and burnout demon
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    ​​​​​​​For me its my garden & writing my trade reviewsÖ

    keeping my (ToolTalk1) instagram up to date is also a escape
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    For me I think itís my dogs they are all such fun and going for walks in the woods with them helps me switch off.
    my partner runs a livery yard for horse owners so nice to get involved in something different.
    love a good blast on my motorbike always puts a smile on my face.
    we are very lucky to have an amazing bunch of friends who we spend a lot of time socially which is great.
    and when I have time a bit of downhill mountain biking.
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    Walking dogs, riding horses and spending as much time outside in the garden or countryside... works for me!
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    For me at the moment it is work, work, work, as I am running my business and doing up our house. But we are very fortunate to live surrounded by the Wrens Nest National Nature Reserve in Dudley and about 50 metres from Holdenís Brewery and my local pub. As I approach home I feel the stress levels lifting and Iím then in a much happier place. When I get home I am warmly greeted by our two cats, but that is probably to be fed. I donít think there can be anything better than being surrounded by nature (and beer) to make you feel good about life!
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    I used to be in to DJing and have gotten back in to that recently. I always allow myself an hour on a Thursday and I make sure I keep to that which just gets me out of my head for a bit rather than thinking work, work, work all
    the time. I also found that exercise in any form is a really good way to beat the stress. The hardest part to this is actually getting going but once you have done a full on hour the endorphins really do kick in! Hope this helps.
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    @Simm Electrical Iím afraid work, work, work isnít a choice! I have a business to run, bills to pay, a house to do up and a standard of living to maintain. But I do know one day that all my efforts will be worth it, a successful business, a lovely house and a good standard of living! Of course Iím not getting any younger so I have to do it all while I can. Having said that it is nice to relax in our garden or take advantage of our surroundings with nature walks.