Early signs of bed bugs

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    Early signs of bed bugs
    If you have bed bugs, there is no time to wait. There are people who do this for a living and can come in and save your stuff and remove the infestation while it’s still small.
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    Some of the early signs that you may actually have bed bugs include:
    – small brown stains on bed sheets
    – tiny cream-colored spots on your sheet or mattress (these are bed bug poop)
    – actually seeing the little monsters
    – you wake up feeling itchy in random places, this is because of their bite.
    If you see any of these signs, get in contact with a professional right away to get help to get rid of the infestation.
    Bed bugs will often bite while their food (you) is asleep.

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    Why do you need pest control ?

    Pest control will help you get rid of these bugs. They are more than annoying, they can also cause health issues such as skin rashes and itching which may not be very pleasant to deal with.
    They don’t spread disease, but they can cause some discomfort.
    There are two common reasons to use pest control in your home: either you suspect an infestation or you want to prevent one in the first place.
    If you’re worried that there might be bugs hiding out somewhere, it’s a great idea to call an exterminator ahead of time. This way, you’ll have professional help on hand to deal with any bugs you find so you won’t have to try and remove them all by yourself.
    If your place is already infested, then pest control will be able to help.
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    Read more about early signs of bed bugs here
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    Hey @BonAccord

    Great post thank you for sharing! Do you have any tips on how to how to prevent these?

    Many thanks