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    I’ve recently had customers who were very happy with the work and made a point of saying they would definitely leave a review which I haven’t received.
    I thought leaving a review was made easier a while ago.
    anyone else feel that they are not getting left reviews, I feel we take one step forward and two steps back sometimes.
    ​​​​​​​And personally I’m not hassling people to leave a review as I did read it doesn’t make any difference anymore. 😫
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    I think there’s an element of 'review fatigue’. We all want to read reviews but it seems we’re asked for reviews for even the most trivial thing these days - is it any wonder a customer might forget or overlook a review request, despite best intentions?

    Is it easy enough to leave a review? Some online reviewers of Checkatrade found it easy but others complained.

    I did a dummy run and I’m sure the process could be improved. For example, telling reviewers what information will be required at the beginning rather than at the end, after the scores have been awarded and comments typed.

    Providing a mobile number and email address is mandatory so without this information, the review can’t be submitted anyway.

    Some people don’t want to provide their mobile/email information to an online form (or can’t).

    Some complained that the verification text didn't arrive.

    There are some instances of the system failing (‘computer says “no”’), requiring the reviewer to start again. Would they bother?

    Alternatively, customers can phone to submit a review but I wonder how this is dealt with later on if there is a spot check - usually accomplished via text requiring yet another response? And what happens if someone changes their number?

    We found out about the spot checks process when we noticed that our reviews total had gone down! Apparently this was due to people not responding to spot check text messages, sometimes months after the review was originally submitted. Checkatrade did not inform us at the time and then wouldn’t divulge the customers' names due to GDPR so we couldn’t even retrieve legitimate reviews. 😡
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    What is the point of reviews no one reads them as its always send to 3 for about 3_4 days a month ive started charging check a trade customers £40 extra a job as I worked out thats what my leads from cat work out and why should I pay it
    cat really is not working like it did 12 + years on here and its only recently I've done this as my phone and its thanks to cat with its stupid jingle doesn't ring from cat as it did