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    Hi, I am looking for some opinions. We have recently had our garage converted. It's going to be made into a ensuite bedroom. The job has been signed off from the company we used.

    Weve now appointed a builder to install the floor and bathroom. As the first fixing of pipework leaked our builder has had to rip up a bit of the chip board floor as it's now water damaged.

    On doing so he expressed major concerns that the company we have used has used raw building sand directly under wayrock for internal flooring.

    It has DPC then raw sand on top followed by chip board. Our builder has now refused to carry on as he said that floor is not fit for purpose. There is no insulation.

    Weve contacted the company who have said this is a common practice and will therefore only fix the warped chip board.

    As we are getting conflicting information just wanted to get some thoughts?
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    you might find this of interest,this is how I would of gone about it.
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    Hi @K8tbe - we are sorry to hear about your recent experience, thank you for posting. I will contact and tag a couple of other builders to help get more opinions too, thank you very much @Sean for jumping on this straight away!

    I've just imbedded the video for you on your original post :)

    Many thanks
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    just wondering but has there been a building inspector to oversee who did the floor?
    There should always be insulation in the floor no building inspector would let you get away with no insulation, also I have never in my 30years in the trade seen chipboard flooring put directly on to sand. How we do it and always gets passed by building control is : DPC on garage floor then build up with joists to desired height fill inbetween joists with pir boards then chipboard flooring on top
  • Muzzar's GBS's Avatar

    There are a number considerations that can only be fully weighed up by an actual visit.

    But in addition to the option above,

    Provided the existing garage concrete floor is acceptable,
    Lay dpc membrane over the concrete
    Fix 100mm thick pir boards
    and finish with approx 75mm screed.
    Leave 25mm concession for (flooring option) to flush with existing floor.

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    @K8tbe The floor fitter is correct and the floor is not fit for purpose and will cause many future problems if not rectified straight away
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    Hey all,

    Thank you so much for posting on this and sharing your views! We hope its been of help @K8tbe

    I have seen a new question here >> I wondered if any of you could also help to answer please?

    Many thanks