Consumer unit trip intermittent

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    On my consumer unit (memera 2000) the sockets trip every now and again, maybe 3 weekly. Always evening time around 9/10pm. Usually repeats after resetting. It then stays OK, until the next time.
    What service do I need a quote for - test unit? test all appliances? test things like alarm system and built in appliances which don't use a socket?
    House and unit 24 years old, and maintained immaculately.
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    Evening it sounds as though you have a timer or and appliance that comes on around that time which is causing a fault.

    Things to look at are an EICR , to identify any faults on the hardwiring, normally take 4 hours+ to be thorough.

    Pat test appliances to ensure insulation resistance is ok, and investigate any timers or water heating elements that could be causing the tripping.

    id also look at replacing the consumer unit as itís probably 20 years old from description and obsolete. The RCD covers more than one circuit, new consumer units have individual RCBOísí (RCD) which would trip the specific circuit rather than half the house. Iím not suggesting the RCD is faulty but it might be worth an upgrade.

    General cost in Exeter EICR £160-200 for 8 circuit test.
    board change £500+ depending on number of circuits.
    plus VAT

    hope that helps
    KS Electrical Solutions
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    Hey @MG3

    Thank you for posting,

    I've just tagged the category Electrician and hope that this notifies someone who can help you today :)

    I wonder if you can post any images too of the consumer unit - I am not sure if this will be of help to the experts but you never know! 😊
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    @Lauren Will try to get an image
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    @KS Electrical
    Thanks very much Kieran. You are right it appears to be the socket used by the bedside lamp which triggered the trips - always about an hour or so after switching it on. Strangely not every day and sometimes tripped again in quick succession.
    And the combination microwave is also a culprit - tested both by plugging in and sure enough the lamp was fine in another socket, and the microwave tripped after about 2 hours.
    So will consider consumer unit eventually but it seems it works well as evidenced by the results? Thanks again, Michael