Dripping Shower head

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    • Water is continuously dripping from shower head.

    Things I've tried:
    * Cleaning the shower head thoroughly. Removal of limescale.
    * Tried to fit a new thermostatic cartridge. Wasn't the right model. Don't recognise the one needed.
    *Tried to remove old cartridge but it was difficult to unscrew

    I would be grateful on and advice. What is the issue and what I should do next. I have included image of the fixtures, the inside of the mixer, and one with the replacement cartridge:Name:  IMG_20220823_114527.jpg
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    I am happy to call in a Plummer if it's more complicated, just need to know what work needs to be done.
    Many thanks in advance for your advice. Name:  IMG_20220823_105750.jpg
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    In my experience, this wouldn’t be the thermostatic cartridge, it would be the other cartridge which turn the shower on/off. Personally, I’d advise contacting a qualified, insured plumber. Jobs like this can seem easy from the outset, and end you being a nightmare. There are companies that can source the shower cartridges if necessary but they normally require the cartridge to be taken out fully to identify unless you have a brand make/model. Sorry if this doesn’t seem helpful but these jobs can be a pain and I wouldn’t want you to end up swimming in your bathroom!
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    Thank you @RJHeating. Do you know if the on/off cartridge is universal? I don't have the shower model or any handbook on it, as the shower unit was already installed from the previous owner of the property many years ago, and no manual or handbook was given to us.

    Where else can I look to see the name? When I opened up the shower unit I couldn't see a mark. They only mark I saw was called 'Kiwa'. But that was on another part and not the on/off cartridge.
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    In all honesty, the only way would be to remove it and send pictures to the places that can identify them. It may be that it’s not something that’s available anymore or even an import so parts would be very hard to come by. I know it’s probably not the best answer for you but a qualified plumber will be able to either source one for you or offer best advice on a replacement.