Go for a Direct Cremation

One of the biggest expenses after someone passes away is the funeral service, with costs for this racking up thanks to expensive ceremonies which require catering, transport and venue hire. Therefore, the best way to save money during this difficult time is to choose a direct cremation for your loved one. These simple cremations are a good choice for those wishing their loved one more privacy – they are a cremation without a service beforehand and no follow up ceremony. Also known as a pure cremation, these services are growing increasingly popular, especially as more and more people decide as part of their end of life plans that they don’t want their family and friends to fuss over a service, especially if they know money is tight.

Having a direct cremation also eliminates the need for any embalming of the body to take place, which is a further way to save money – with embalming costs alone reaching between £75-£200, even this one saving can make a big difference. Pure cremations also mean that the body will not require a traditional coffin, as these usually take place with a cheaper cardboard equivalent to make the process easier and aligned with UK laws.

Although some people feel that direct cremations aren’t always the most personal approach, there are a number of ways that you can memorialise your loved one following the cremation that are personalised and respectful to them. For instance, many families choose to hold a celebration of life event for their deceased loved one following the pure cremation, which means family and friends can still come together.