*Expired* Going above and beyond for your customers

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    You are the W I N N E R of our competition.

    Thank you for sharing your story, that really is a fabulous example of going above and beyond for someone. It made our hearts melt over here.

    Thank you all for taking the time to share your stories and take part in this competition.

    Wayne - I will be in touch ✔ 📲

    Kind regards
    Good afternoon all,

    I know that each day, and each job you do, you always go above and beyond for your customers - but are there any stories that you can share, where you have just gone that extra mile for someone?

    👉 Anyone who contributes to this thread will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher - This would also make some brilliant PR content you might get the opportunity to be involved in... 👀

    Entries close on 17th March 2023

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    Had a customer that had to go out for most of the day and wasn’t back when I finished ,so as their dog had been in with me most of the day I took him for a walk which they were very appreciative,even had the dog stay with me while they went on holiday,only downside was his painting was a bit scruffy 😆
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    I’ve always carried on my own personal tradition of donating to my local children’s ward, and it as such a lovely feeling when I could start doing this through my company with a bigger budget. We give sweets for hospital kids at Halloween, candy canes for Xmas and will now be doing Easter eggs starting this year.

    My own kids love helping me with the sweet bags and last year we started doing a treat stand for our local community too- again sweet and candy canes and we will be doing treats for our local community for Easter too. Name:  7CF97780-0B96-4075-9317-02C2C801FBEC.jpg
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    Let me tell you about a job i took on last year for a regular client of mine (20 years)
    Elsie XXXXXXX who lives in a Norfolk village.

    Elsie was 90 last year and had called me at the beginning of the year to say she had had a bad leak from a water tank in her loft, she had it fixed by British Gas - but was faced with her main bedroom, second bedroom and part of the upstairs hall landing badly damaged by water.
    She said that no one was going to set foot in her house to do the work but me (loyal client)
    I said I would be available towards to end of the year. Because of Covid 19 everything was slow, her insurers sent in loss adjusters and she was awarded a set amount……

    A set figure (£3200.00 )
    was paid into her bank, when i arrived to carry out the repairs i asked to see the paperwork and she hadn’t received anything from her insurers. Which isn’t acceptable in my book! This little old lady had been taken advantage of & I wasn’t having any of it!!!

    She confirmed the amount paid which was no where near enough to cover the major repairs, her carpet was spoilt her furniture also spoilt, & assuming she had to make up the difference…..
    So i suggested she ask her family to help her, but the elderly dont want to burden their family’s -
    But she was hesitant to try to sort it herself because of her age & her vulnerability she felt lost in all the rigmarole.

    She spoke with her insurance company & I was given orthority to discuss the claim & all repairs directly with them.
    I insisted the loss adjusters re visit, and after many many hours, days & weeks and onsite meetings I negotiated £11500.00

    She was awarded full costs, and replacement carpets and furniture. I personally took Elsie to Norwich 3 times (25 miles each way aprox) for her to look for carpets and wallpapers passing on all trade discounts.
    I pleaded with the CarpetRight manager to go the extra mile for this dear old lady, which they did, ( i promised them a bottle of bubbly if they looked after Elsie, the manager didn’t disappoint ) the insurers took a personal interest in the claim visiting the job site and meeting Elsie to finalise everything.
    A cheque was posted directly to her.
    I think the elderly community of our nation needs to be looked after better, more often than than not there is no one to help them.
    by going the extra mile i feel i do my bit but always with a smile, nothing is ever to much trouble….

    Elsie always spoils me with Tea in her best China cups & on Fridays she always laid on a treat of fresh cake from the local bakery. Helping people costs nothing - yet brings me so much pleasure.
    Going the extra mile comes as standard with my buisness.
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    @ToolTalk1 that’s the loveliest thing! She sounds like such a lovely woman.

    Her family must be so happy she found you! If I knew someone had done that for my mum it would restore my faith in humanity again 🥰🥰🥰
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    @Bear House Build
    Thank you ever so much - she is a lovely client & am always happy to go the extra mile for her & all my clients
    @ToolTalk1 that�s the loveliest thing! She sounds like such a lovely woman.

    Her family must be so happy she found you! If I knew someone had done that for my mum it would restore my faith in humanity again 🥰🥰🥰
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    lauren & Team Checkatrade

    oh my days!!

    I am thrilled to win this amazing prize its not something that ever happens….

    me winning lol

    Thanks so much

    my face is hurting with me smiling so much

    really appreciate Elsie’s case study shows that it takes a moment to help our clients
    yet the happiness it gave her is priceless
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    A well deserved winner @ToolTalk1

    We are so pleased that this has made your day - keep shining 🌟
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    It most certainly has 🎉🤝🎉🙏🍾

    I never win anything - it’s usually me giving out prizes

    Thanks & much appreciated
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    Well done Wayne @ToolTalk1 well deserved 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🍾