How to write an effective profile description

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    Hey everyone,

    Writing a description about your business is so important - essentially it's your first impression that you're going to give to potential customers!
    (with over 47.79 million searches made by homeowners looking for a tradesperson in the last year)

    We've popped down some top tips for how to write an effective Checkatrade profile description to help you to shout about your brilliant business.

    1. Remember who you're writing for!
    Think about what would make a person decide to contact you over someone else - keep it very friendly, clear and easy to understand exactly what your business has to offer.

    2. Share your story and value
    We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to show customers that your business is right for them is to open with your story. Keep it brief but let them know what your business can offer and try to include examples of how you’ve helped homeowners in the past.

    3. Build confidence in your business
    Accurate English shows that you've taken care in writing your profile and would assume you take the same approach to your work.
    Mentioning your trade qualifications, accreditations or trade associations you belong to will show you take pride in your work.
    Listing your most popular services will highlight exactly what you can offer to your customers.

    4. Set customer expectations

    You're looking to generate the leads for jobs of work you want to carry out. Always look to explain to the customers exactly what they can expect when working with you, so that the homeowners that contact you are right for your business.

    5. Show off your work!
    Upload them lovely before and after photos that best show off your quality.
    Talk about the feelings of your customers once you’ve successfully completed a project, have they called you ‘a life saver’? Don’t be afraid to pull out your favourite quotes or reviews from customers that show exactly what you can do.

    6. Get found online by including keywords
    The great thing about having a Checkatrade profile is that homeowners can find your profile online through search engines, just like finding a website – if you’ve written your description in the right way. To do that you need to think about keywords that customers will be using when they’re searching for a business like yours. The trick is to then include some of those keywords in your Checkatrade profile description.
    To help you out, here are some common structures for search terms that we’ve noticed customers often use when looking for tradespeople:
    • (trade) in (location), e.g. “painters in Enfield” or “carpenters in Dorset”
    • (trade service) in (location), e.g. “bathroom renovations in Bristol” or “roof repair in South London”

    7. Check your spelling and grammar
    Even ask someone to read over it for you!

    Check out our article online on How to catch typos and keep your reputation intact
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    7. Check your spelling and grammar
    Even ask someone to to read over it for you!

    Check out our article online on How to catch typos and keep your reputation intact

    Oops! Is this to check who reads the article to the end? 🤣
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    @Chris11 🤣👍 You know it