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    Featured Content COVID-19 new guidance and updates thread [Latest update: 11th May 2021]

    12-05-20 , 09:39

    Latest update: 11th May 2021
    Hey everyone,

    Following on from our post here on April 12th 2021 recent restrictions easing, lets than a week till May 17th with the third-step soon to be complete and a closer touch to a more normal life.

    What step three means:
    • Social contact - Hugging of friends and families!
    • Indoor pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hotels and B&B's to open their doors finally
    • Events - Upto 30 people to attend

    Taken form the website:
    Review of social distancing
    Finally, before Step 4 begins, the government will complete a review of social distancing and other long-term measures that have been put in place to cut transmission. This will inform decisions on the timing and circumstances under which the rules on 1 metre plus, the wearing of face coverings and other measures may be lifted. This will also inform guidance on working from home – which should continue wherever possible until this review is complete.

    I am looking forward to hearing everyone's plans, has anyone booked anything yet?


    Latest update: 5th January 2021

    Hi everyone, we have an update from Checkatrade's CEO, Mike Fairman, below:

    New government announcement - what it means for tradespeople


    Following the most recent government update, I’m sure like me you listened to Boris’ announcement around the Covid guidance with your business at the forefront of mind.

    The positive news is that the guidance across the four nations continues to permit tradespeople to work in people’s homes, as long as you do so safely, and trade merchants will remain open. Each nation however has its own specific guidance. continues to see good levels of consumer searches and demand. To benefit you, our members, we will continue to invest in advertising activity to stimulate greater customer demand. The ambition is to drive awareness and encourage more customers to use, to find and connect with reputable trades like yourself.

    Alongside our advertising, we are using our website to share some work we did with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. We aim to continue to give customers confidence that our members will take every measure required to work safely in their home. You can see the guidance we’re sharing here – please feel free to direct your customer there to give them additional reassurance, too.

    Finally, in supporting you personally –
    • Whilst most of you may be able to continue working as usual, we appreciate that the latest restrictions will impact some trades. We would like to reassure you that we're here to support you and our Membership Advice team can be reached on 03330 329557. Do call us and talk to us about your situation.
    • Take the time to look over your profile to get yourself in the best possible position for being chosen by the customers continuing to use for all their home improvement needs. Review your profile text, refresh your photos and keep your reviews current. Updating your page to be Covid-relevant is advised to show customers how you’re operating as a business safely during the current climate.
    • You can keep up to date with the current government guidance in your region via the official government website links below:

    Kind regards
    Mike Fairman
    CEO Checkatrade

    See previous updates here

    Latest update: 21st December

    Hi everyone,

    We hope that you and your families are safe and well during these challenging times.

    Following the latest government updates on new lockdown restrictions, we understand that you'll be concerned about the impact on your business. We just wanted to remind and reassure you that the current government advice in your area states that tradespeople can continue to work as usual, provided you are adhering to safety measures and social distancing guidelines. Click here to remind yourself of our guidance on how to stay safe.

    Click here to keep up to date with the official government advice on restrictions.

    We would like to reassure you that we're here to support you - our Membership Advice team can be reached on 01243 608 190.

    Kind regards,
    The Checkatrade Team

    Latest update: 02 November 2020

    Hey everyone,

    B&Q, ScrewFix, Travis Perkins, and Selco will all remain open as essential retailers, please comment below any other suppliers and retailers that you know are doing the same near you.

    All my best,

    Latest update: 02 November 2020

    Hey everyone,

    Saturday’s government announcement, although not unexpected, was the last thing we all wanted to hear. The 4 week lockdown in England will start on Thursday at 12.01am and we understand that you may be concerned about the impact it could have on your ability to work.

    The good news is that this time, the government has specified that you can continue to undertake work in other people’s homes - We know that our members have already changed working practices to accommodate safe working in the home. We urge you to continue with these additional safety measures - as a reminder please see our recommendations to facilitate safe working in other people’s homes Here.

    We continue to see record demand from homeowners and we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure this continues. We will communicate with consumers promoting that homeowners can continue to have trades work in their homes, and why it's even more important to choose a Checkatrade vetted member, so they can feel confident that all work will be undertaken safely.

    Whilst we hope that you will be able to continue working as usual, we appreciate that the latest restrictions may be a cause of concern and we would like to reassure you that we're here to support you if needed. Our Membership Advice team can be reached on 01243 608 190.

    From all of us at Checkatrade, we hope you’re staying safe and well.

    The Checkatrade Team

    Latest update: 27 October 2020

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you are keeping safe and well.

    Following the latest government updates and guidelines on lockdown measures as new regions fall into tier 3, we understand concerns about the impact on your business and we would like to reassure your that we're here to support you where possible. Our Membership Advice team can be reached on 01243 608 190.

    We're currently still seeing really strong consumer demand across the UK, but we will keep monitoring this over the coming weeks to ensure this continues in your region.

    For now, please see the government website here for any recent and upcoming changes local to you.

    Latest update: 22 October 2020

    Hi everyone, this is an update for members based in Lancashire, Manchester and South Yorkshire following recent announcements:

    Following the latest government updates on lockdown measures in your region, we understand that you'll be concerned about the impact on your business.

    Whilst some of you may be able to continue working as usual, we appreciate that the latest restrictions mean that many trades won't be able to work over the next couple of weeks. We would like to reassure you that we're here to support you and our Membership Advice team can be reached on 01243 608 190.

    We've seen some really positive consumer demand across the UK over the last few months and we will continue to monitor consumer demand over the coming weeks, particularly to ensure that we see recovery as your local lockdown measures begin to ease.

    Latest update: 19/10/2020

    Hi everyone,

    We understand that some of our members will be affected by new guidance for Wales that has been announced today.

    Please do reach out to us if you need any support - you can get in touch with us via the contact details in the Member Area here, and we'll be able to discuss how we can support you.

    We'll be posting further updates in the Member Area here and in this thread.

    Update: 13/10/2020


    Following the latest government update, we understand that some of you will be concerned about the impact on consumer demand, as well as your ability to continue working and keeping yourself and your family safe and well.

    Currently consumer demand remains high across the whole of the UK, but we will continually monitor this to see if the new measures have any negative impact.

    Many of our members in Liverpool are likely to be affected by the new lockdown restrictions and it is reasonable to expect similar measures to be introduced to other areas also in the coming weeks. Please do make sure you call us if you are impacted and need our support. Our Membership Advice team can be reached on 01243 608 190

    Kind regards
    Mike Fairman

    You can also find the latest updates in your member area here.


    Latest updates 24/09/2020

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

    If you haven't heard already the new governmental guidance announcement on Covid 19, here's our short take on it:

    There are currently no restrictions on tradespeople working on people homes and please note, the 'rule of six' does not include tradespeople working in homes.

    Also some good news, the Government are offering further support to business and tradespeople - find out more information here.

    All my best,

    Latest updates 23/06/2020

    Hey everyone,

    We’ve partnered with Claritas Tax, an accountancy firm which provides tax advisory and compliance services, to offer our trade members advice for this challenging time which we hope you can start to recover soon from. I'd like to share with you our blog post covering lots of great information on help for the self employed, VAT deferment, the Corona Job retention scheme and much more - please see blog post here!

    Many thanks,

    Latest updates 22/06/2020

    I’d like to share a positive update following on from our message to you in May. We’re delighted to be seeing extremely strong recovery in terms of consumer interest, searches and contacts. In fact, last week Checkatrade generated 40% more leads than our average week in February pre-Covid-19 – that’s over 100,000 leads in just one week.

    In May and June we ramped up investments in TV advertising and, as of 18th June, we’ve begun a national campaign across Channel 4 and Sky TV to remind customers across the whole of the UK that Checkatrade is the place to go to find trades for all their home improvement needs.

    I understand that many of you are back to work and filling up your diaries, though I appreciate that individual circumstances mean that some of you have not yet been able to make the transition back into ‘normality.’ I would like to remind you that our Membership Advice department continue to be available to support you with advice on how to optimise your membership to it’s full potential and increase your chances of benefiting from those ever-increasing homeowner searches.

    Thank you for continuing to work with us throughout these difficult times – we look forward to playing a part in helping your business to thrive as the trade industry continues to recover.

    Kind regards
    Mike Fairman
    CEO Checkatrade
    Hey everyone,

    Below please find a link to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website for guidance on housing and home improvements.

    You'll find information on working in people home, cancelled work and making the most of lockdown.

    All my best,

    Latest update 26/05/2020:

    Hey everyone,

    I hope you are all keeping well.

    Last week you should had all received an email communication following the recent Government guidelines announcement supporting trades in England able to return to work. We understand it's been a challenging few months but we hope the support we’ve offered has helped to make things a little bit easier for you, and we're optimistic about the market recovering significantly in June as customers continue to get more jobs booked in.

    Please ensure you checkout your lastest email from us regarding this as for most you the current offer will end in May, the offer has been extended one more month for members in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales as the restrictions have not been relaxed.

    However, if you're unable to return to work please give the team a call on 01243 608190 to let the team know and they will offer support and extend the offer for you too.

    We've recently launched TV and digital advertising campaigns to support this increasing demand and will continue into June, have you had the chance to check it out yet? New TV ad here.

    Latest update 12/05/2020: New guidance for tradespeople

    Checkatrade CEO Mike Fairman has been undertaking work with the Government to help Trades across the country get back to work as lockdown eases. The Government reached out because they recognised the importance of getting the home improvements and repair industry back on its feet, and doing so in a way that helps keep trades and customers safe.

    "I’m incredibly proud to be part of an industry which has followed advice on social distancing so closely, and sacrificed so much in order to protect our NHS and vulnerable people. That is why I’m delighted to be able to play a part in getting it back on its feet."

    Helping you back to work

    Helpful information:

    We’ve developed some guidance, in line with the new government guidelines in England, to clarify how you and your customers can work together to create a working environment that is as safe as possible for everyone involved. You can link to these from your own website to share with customers.

    New guidance for Tradespeople working safely in people's homes >>
    Home owner advice for work carried out in the home >>

    A new TV Ad campaign is going live later this week

    This will further support trades and let consumers know that they are able once again to invite trades into their homes.

    If you have any questions please get in touch, or by replying to this thread. You can also check out the Government's website here >>

    Please find attached below a printable PDF guidance document:
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