How to collect customer feedback

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    Hello! Welcome to this guide on collecting feedback from customers, hopefully you will find this helpful. If you have any questions, ideas or tips on how you collect feedback from customers we'd love to hear them, so please reply to this thread below 😊

    Why do you need feedback?
    Obtaining regular feedback is the key to building trust and credibility for your business. If your previous customers can vouch for the quality of your service and work, new customers will be far more likely to use you. In fact, research suggests that 88% of customers trust online feedback as much as personal recommendations, making it even more important if you’re looking to grow your business.

    Your feedback not only reassures customers that you’re a reputable tradesperson, the number of reviews you have can also influence your ranking in the search results.

    How do I collect feedback?
    Here are some steps you can take to help maximise the chances of a customer leaving feedback:

    1. Ask for feedback at the quote stage
    As a Checkatrade member, you will be provided with feedback cards that you can give to each customer for them to complete once the work has been completed. Make sure that you explain the importance of their feedback to your business. Asking for feedback at the quote stage will make the customer aware that they will be able to give feedback, and allow them time to prepare.

    2. Send your customers a link to your feedback page or direct them to, so that they can leave their feedback online. You can find your feedback page in your Member’s Area.

    3. Remind your customers to leave feedback via the Member Area
    If you haven’t received feedback after the work has been completed, you can also send them reminders through the Member Area. They will then receive an email or SMS reminder from Checkatrade asking them to leave feedback.

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    4. Always follow the Checkatrade Do’s and Don'ts of obtaining customer feedback

    Our top tips…

    • Collect customer feedback monthly.
    • Aim to have at least 20 reviews on your profile page, as this has been found to increase customer enquiries.
    • Feedback will only display for searches in the area that the work was completed, so it’s important that you generate feedback in all the different areas you work.
    • Encourage your team to ask for feedback, and make sure that they’re also aware of the do’s and don’ts of obtaining customer feedback.

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