How to take great photos and add them to your profile

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    Hello! Welcome to this guide on taking and adding photos to your profile. I hope you find this helpful - if you have any other tips or advice or need some help, please reply in the comments below 🙂

    Why should I add photos?
    Photos provide the opportunity to showcase your impressive work to potential customers. Even if you’re in a less visual trade, they show you have passion for what you do. They demonstrate your ability and build credibility.

    There’s a scientific reason why images work too. According to research, people are likely to remember 10% of the information they hear three days later but retain 65% of the information they’ve seen in an image.

    Here’s how to take great photos and showcase your work:

    1. Make sure you only use well-lit, high-quality photos
    Try to take photos during the day in natural lighting wherever possible. If using a smart phone, use your flash setting indoors or within dark spaces.

    2. Showcase before and after photos
    Before and after photos are the shots which motivate customers to act, as they really show off the impact of your work. Make sure you take the photos from the same angle for both the before and the after to give a clear perspective of the changes you’ve made.

    Here are some great before and after examples:

    Name:  Kitchen before 1.jpg
Views: 12007
Size:  22.9 KBName:  Kitchen after 1.png
Views: 11934
Size:  127.0 KB

    Name:  Bathroom before.jpg
Views: 11971
Size:  25.1 KBName:  Bathroom after.jpg
Views: 12008
Size:  21.5 KB

    3. Tidy up as much as you can
    A stray toolbox or dust sheet in the middle of a shot can really distract from the finished product you’re trying to show off.

    4. Include a team photo
    Team photos offer customers reassurance by building a rapport before they’ve even met you – they know who to expect at their home, which builds immediate confidence in your business and brand. A smile goes a long way!

    Name:  Team photo 2.PNG
Views: 11935
Size:  156.0 KBName:  Team photo 5.PNG
Views: 11886
Size:  148.4 KB

    How do I upload photos?
    On your Member Area, under ‘Grow Your Business,’ click on ‘Manage Albums’ (or click here to go straight to that page). You can also upload photos quickly and easily (even whilst on the job!) via our app, which you can download here for Apple, and here for Android.

    Our top tips…

    • Photos need updating at least every 6 months to keep your profile current and fresh. This helps customers to see that you’re actively completing your current projects.
    • Less is more – 10 photos of the same job? Choose one or two favourites which show it off the best.
    • Sort your photos into labelled albums so it’s easier for customers to find photo examples of the jobs they’re looking for.


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