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    Hey everyone,

    Recently we have emailed you all sharing the below I just wanted to share in here too as a reminder and there are some really quick links if needed:

    We hope you are keeping well in this New Year so far. As a team, we’re focused, as always, in supporting your business and helping to connect you with homeowners.

    We're here to support you and we’re doing everything we can to continue to provide you with a fast and supportive service. As you’d expect, our phone lines are very busy - so we’re sorry if you’re finding it harder to get through to us or waiting longer than usual for a response.

    If you have an urgent query or concern, we want to hear from you. To keep that possible, we ask that if you call isn’t vital, to consider using our digital channels, such as your Member Area. We've put together a few shortcuts below related to our most common member queries to help you.

    We also recently released a statement following the enhanced Government guidance around Covid, which you can read here. It covers our continued investment in advertising as well as the importance of reviewing and updating your profile page.

    We appreciate the challenges you’re all facing due to the lockdown - from health concerns to childcare, as well as the uncertainty this brings for businesses across the nation. Thank you for continuing to work with us during these challenging times.

    Here's a reminder of things you can do quickly and easily in your Member Area, or The Checkatrade App

    Improve and update your profile page -
    • Update your profile text - here
    • Update your search description - here
    • Update your work photos - here
    • Update your company logo - here

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    Manage your membership and reviews -
    • Upload your Public Liability Insurance - here
    • Remind your customers to leave you reviews - here
    • View your published reviews - here
    • Check your work alerts from customers - here
    • Change the search radius you appear in - here

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    You can always get more from your membership -

    • Trade categories to appear in more searches

    • Directories to target the areas you want to work in

    • Postcodes to expand your reach to more customers

    Click Here to complete a short form - and we'll call you back.

    All my best
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    Hi Lauren, I do all of the above you mention but don't see the point anymore if I'm being honest as I said in my post yesterday, type my postcode in and I'm five pages away. Seems I've been pushed away from my postcode area for others whom are 15/20 miles away for keeping on top of all the things checkatrade say to do to promote yourself? "You only get out what you put in".
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    "You only get out what you put in".

    you only get out what they decide they want to do change or give you

    no controll
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    I've been a loyal member of Checkatrade for the last 3 years and I'd like to report that this new rotation system that has been put in place is absolutely ridiculous and I'm not happy with it.
    Your customer service representative told me on the phone yesterday that this system has been put in place to make it 'fair' for all the tradesmen on the site. Well I've been back on the site this morning and typed in my exact post code and the same companies that were on the first two pages yesterday are on the same two pages today!! How is that fair ???: with the old system my company name came up every single time on the first two pages, today I gave up looking after page 7 for my company name.
    Your customer service representative told me yesterday, oh well if you click on the drop down menu and click 'nearest me' then my name comes up?? 90% of the people using this site will be using it for the first time and won't know to click on the drop down menu, I use the site all the time and didn't know to do that yesterday. And how does my company name not automatically come up after typing in my EXACT post code but another company that is based 5 miles away comes up? Where's the logic in that system??
    My business through Checkatrade has completely slowed down and I'm hardly getting any calls or messages from potential customers and if someone looks back on my past call /message rate you will see the good volume I had. I see on your community forum there are others that feel the same way and are moving over to Trustatrader and I predict many more will follow.
    Unfortunately I am not making nearly enough money because of this and times are hard as it is without having to deal with this idiotic system you've come up with and I feel I'm paying for a service that I didn't sign up for. Yes you sent out the email in November 2020 notifying us of this change and I'm always willing to give these kind of changes a chance but two months down the line it's safe to say isn't working!!! I've cancelled by direct debit as I just can't afford your rubbish service anymore.
    The old system worked perfectly your new system is just mindless

    Regards Justin
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    Hi @Justin Bendoris

    How are you? I'm wondering if you've spoken to the MA team about your contacts? We want this to be working for you and they will be able to help discuss your contacts to support you. I'll also make sure that your feedback in shared with the wider business,

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    Kate you say the same stuff everyday , but they ain’t listening to this dreadful system , me too cancelling and moving over , you have messed up big time !!!
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    Kate you say the same stuff everyday , but they ain’t listening to this dreadful system , me too cancelling and moving over , you have messed up big time !!!

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    Kate you say the same stuff everyday , but they aint listening to this dreadful system , me too cancelling and moving over , you have messed up big time !!!
    they are more interested in the someone somewhere wants something done sometime can you answer their question for free even though theres no accreditation on your page and you may be new to whatever it is